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5 things to look for in a VoIP


VoIP or Voice over internet protocol has emerged as an amazing technology for all businesses. There are plenty of VoIP service providers available in the market. However, choosing the right and the best one takes research. Many businesses do appropriate research work on finding the best VoIP provider and they get ready to switch to VoIP services from traditional telephony service. Due to many offerings by different VoIP service providers in the market make it difficult for the business to choose the best available VoIP plan. Mostly businesses get confused over the choice of a VoIP plan given that there are infinite plans and packages are available in the market from different VoIP carrier providers.

There are various factors which a company or a business should keep in mind while switching to VoIP service. Once you choose the best VoIP carrier provider, you will be able to choose plenty of plans on the offer according to your requirements.

Here are some important factors to look for in the VoIP service provider:

1. It is important to determine whether the VoIP provider offers A to Z VoIP call termination facility. Your business may demand calling to other countries for business purposes and the needs of the business change with time. In this way, you will save a lot of time as you do not have to choose another VoIP service provider while working in different locations.

2. Second thing is to analyze the rates these VoIP service provider offers. Shortlisting of those VoIP providers which offer the best rates is the next step. One of the main reasons of switching to VoIP services from a traditional telephony that it greatly helps businesses to reduce costs of telephone bills. Hence, the cheaper rates you will get, the more saving you will be able to make for the company.


3. Businesses can be built or destroyed on just one factor which is quality. Hence, it is important to see whether the VoIP service provider offering quality services. The quality of the calls can be checked through average call duration, average seizure ratio, or post duration delay. It has a general formula that if ACD and ASR are higher and PDD is lower, then voice quality will be better. A test with a live call can be a great help in determining the voice quality of the service.

4. It is also advisable to check their customer retention ratio. This will give you an idea whether the customers are satisfied with the service or not.

5. One of the most important things to look for while choosing the best VoIP service provider is whether they offer round the clock technical and customer support. This is really serious matter especially when problems occur out of nowhere. Having good customer support and instant resolution for all your problems will thrive your business in a more productive, efficient and effective way. All these things are unimaginable with the conventional telephony system.